Shopping season special: Philips HN110 Noise Cancelling Foldable Headphones now less than $ 29!

Philips HN 110 Noise Cancelling Foldable Headphones is the ideal travel headphone, and we love noise cancelling technology on the move! It features smart noise canceling technology that enhances the pleasure of listening to low volume levels in noisy environments such as jet engine noise (or just nasty neighbours), so you can enjoy soft music […]

Sony Headphone-Style NWZ-W202: a truly lightweight Walkman MP3 Player

The Sony NWZ-W202 Walkman W-series MP3-player features superior sound quality with 13.5 mm EX headphones. It also incorporates a new ZAPPIN function for easy searching of and listening to songs. The function automatically detects and plays the main chorus part of each track to help you find the song you want with just a few […]

Hard to beat quality and great savings too: Sennheiser CX 400 In-Ear Headphone and Sennheiser HD-555 Audiophile Headphones!

We love Sennheiser headphones, let’s state it! Here are two different approaches to the high-quality listening experience from Sennheiser renowned name, both featuring high-quality and bargain-priced. The Sennheiser HD-555 Audiophile Headphones Audiophile Headphones use an internal surround reflector to generate an extended spatial sound field, making it the ideal headphone for home theater and music. […]