PortableApps: your applications, your settings – anywhere, on a USB key!

Do you find yourself frustrated when on the go, without all your applications and data? Copy the PortableApps software suite to a USB flash drive, iPod, or similar device, plug the unit into a PC, and all your apps–plus your contacts, documents, and bookmarks–are available. I move from computer to computer a great deal (I […]

Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy Edition 2 GB: 256-bit AES encypted data in a USB Flash Drive!

Flash drive are so popular and handy yet so weak when it comes to security. Anyone can read your valuable data just by pluggin’ in your USB pendrive. So what? Complicated encryption systems? Software you’ll have to install on every PC? Not compatible with Mac? No way. Meet the Kingston DataTraveler Vault with built-in AES […]

The candy flash drive? Emtec M300 2 GB USB Flash Drive Red Lollipop!

Forget those flash drives with so dull not even your granma would take them around! Check these EMTEC M300 2 GB Lollipops (and show’em to your granma too!). EMTEC M300 2 GB Flash Drives feature a whimsical swirl design available in five fun colors. Each Lollipop drive comes with a cap holder, attachable to the […]